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First Lady Christine Solomon is the “fragrance” of Refuge Vision and Refuge Temple Ministries.  

  • RVM is in Houston, Tx. 

  •  RTM is in Atlanta, Ga. 

Lady Solomons Vision is for the people of God to develop spiritually, intellectually, and physically, while serving. 

First Lady Christine Solomon is a strong advocate of the family unit and views each member in Christ as part of her extended spiritual family. She is a visionary at heart and has seen God bring many visions into reality during her ministry. Lady Solomon has "the spirit to serve," as she has served the church in many aspects since childhood. Lady Solomon can communicate and minister cross-culturally and inter-generationally the love she has for Christ and the ministry. She is thankful to God who is prospering the Ministry where families are being blessed as they find their purpose and develop their potential in Christ. 

She is currently the advisor of both Women's Ministries:  

  • "Sisters of Vision", at Refuge Vision Ministries Houston, Texas 

  •  Director of the Women's Ministries at Refuge Temple Atlanta, Georgia 

Both Ministries being under the dynamic leadership of her loving husband and Pastor, Dr. Elijah Solomon.  

First Lady is a graduate of:  

  • University of Houston, Bachelors of Science Degree Sociology, Psychology 

  • Elementary Education Degree: she taught for 23 years as an elementary school teacher, where she used her evangelism to reach way beyond the sanctuary. 

Author: Christine Solomon:   "The SUCESS of Ministry ...was written by First Lady Christine Butler Solomon as an Inspirational Reading, with a message of Leadership in Ministry.  

Lady Solomon's favorite scripture, (Psalm 138:8), "The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me, thou mercy, Lord endureth forever, forsake not the works of thine own hands. 

 This exemplifies the way she lives her life with a "Spirit to Serve.". 

Lady Solomon is the proud mother of two daughters, Eleshia Monique Spence (Wally) and Keturah Davis (Ulysses), and four wonderful granddaughters and three handsome grandsons. To God Be the Glory 

“Reimagining church growth and Community Engagement”  


Christine Solomon: Meet the Team
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