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After taking on the co-pastor responsibility of a church, with six members, in the first ward of downtown Houston, Pastor Solomon was inspired to relocate and plant a new ministry in the Houston area. With a ministry that had grown to around thirty after eighteen months, Elder E. Solomon stepped out on faith on Sunday, May 23rd, 1982 to establish a new place of fellowship and worship.

The Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of Houston conducted its first service at the Ramada Inn Hotel on Crosstimbers, Sunday May 30th, 1982. Sunday Services were held at the Ramada Inn for three weeks. During this period of transition, prayer and bible classes were held in members homes. The Lord led Sister Solomon to respond to a FOR SALE advertisement of The Little Olympia Day Care Center on Moline Street and the vision began to materialize. Within three weeks, God made a way for the doors of a spiritual vision to open and fulfill a long desire of Elder Solomon to have a church south of downtown.

The saints of God converted the building from a nursery to a sanctuary, through many hours of voluntary labor, the people of God made many sacrifices to make a comfortable place of worship. Decon and Sister Finest and Margie McKnight donated the organ and Sister Zephyr Collins and her son Fred, donated a piano. As the church began to grow, Brother and Sister Arthur Pacce saw the need ti beautify our sanctuary and provided building materials for internal renovation. As expected, the saints worked many long hours to remodel the facility. As the ministry grew the church transitioned and took on the name that best epitomized its identity and Refuge Vision Ministries (RVM) was birthed.

in 1987, while reading the scripture "And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread and prayers." (Acts 2:42), God impressed upon the heart of Pastor Solomon the vision of sharing in fellowship with his people. From this vision the "Fellowship Of Love" Gala was given birth. This very special fellowship became an annual event and the interwoven theme of this ministry.

The vision of Bishop and Lady Solomon is to share RVM's "Fellowship of Love" with as many as possible in this journey of ministry. RVM's visionaries have been blessed to be very proficient teachers of God's word, to be helpful, compassionate and caring people. They have a genuine desire for everyone to learn of Jesus' love, for saving souls, and for God's people to prosper.

RVM was blessed to celebrate 31 years of ministry and growing the Kingdom of God in 2013. The ministries at RVM continue to focus on uniting the spiritual community of believers in Houston and surrounding cities. Our history is filled with community outreach and partnerships in ministry. RVM members developed partnerships with a local elementary school, a senior citizens resident, a local business to provide bible study classes, and the Open Door Mission. By opening its doors and "Fellowship Of Love" spirit, RVM has been used by God to assist in the planting of two church ministries in the Houston area.

Annually the church is given a vision theme to focus the ministries throughout the year. The 2019  theme is "A Vision Beyond Resources" and we strive to operate in excellence in every aspect of ministry and life as a "Fellowship Of Love." 

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